Özgün Çoban was born in Ankara in 1985, 5th July. He graduated from Hacettepe University- Ankara Conservatory- Department of Acting and during his university period in third class , he also completed the acting education in Estonia Theatre and Music Academy. He came back to Ankara in order to act in the TV series- Deniz Yıldızı- after playing many theatre games in İstanbul. After that, he acted in Beni Affet, Deniz Yıldızı, Arka Sokaklar and Yüksek Sosyete TV Series. He played “Çok Uzak Fazla Yakın” film directed by Türkan Derya as the leading part with Burcu Biricik.

Films and TV Series
Kapı  (Film, 2018)
Kızlarım İçin (TV Series, 2017)
Ver Kaç (Film, 2017)
Yüksek Sosyete (TV Series, 2016)
Çok Uzak Fazla Yakın (Film, 2016)
Beni Affet (TV Series, 2011)
Deniz Yıldızı (TV Series, 2009)