Kenan Acar was born in Izmir,1990. He played for KSK and Tuborg basketball teams in youth years. After he gets accepted into Bornova Anatolian High Scholl, he decided to continue his career focused on education. In 2008, when he gets into Istanbul Technical University / Sunny Business Administration, he went first to Istanbul and then to New York where he continued his education.

His interest in acting started in his university years. In 2011, he started his acting education at Stella Adler Acting School in New York, where he went for the University. Later he worked with acting coach Anthony Bova for two years. Kenan Acar completed his academic education in 2013 and, he back to Turkey in early 2014, after having his first set experience in TV series named 'The Following'.

Kenan Acar made a successful start to his career with ‘Murat’ character in the TV series named 'Medcezir' in Turkey, then he completed his two-years training at Craft Acting School. After his theater education, he acted in the TV series named 'Gamsız Hayat' and ‘Cesur Yürek'. His first step to cinema was in 2016 with the film named ‘Benim Adım Feridun’ directed by Çağan Irmak. His acting performance as ‘Güçlü’ in TV series named ‘Meryem’ was very appreciated. He continued his career with the TV series ‘Elimi Bırakma’ and ‘Çocuk’.

Films and TV Series

Çocuk (TV Series, 2019)
Elimi Bırakma (TV Series, 2018)
Meryem (TV Series ,2017)
Benim Adım Feridun (Film, 2016
Cesur Yürek (TV Series, 2016)
Gamsız Hayat (TV Series, 2015)
Medcezir (TV Series, 2014)
The Following (TV Series, 2014)