Başak Soysal

Başak Soysal was born in 1980 in Germany. She completed her education at Istanbul University, Faculty of Communication, Department of Radio TV and Cinema. She started her career as the second director assistant of the movie “Karpuz Kabuğundan Gemiler Yapmak” which was released in 2004 and directed by Ahmet Uluçay. She worked as assistant director in cinema and television projects. Başak Soysal was the director of the movie "Aşk Üçgeni" in 2009, and most recently directed the TV series "Yeni Hayat" and “Halka”.

Director Crew

Yüksek Sosyete – Co-Director (TV Series, 2016)
Aile İşi - Co-Director (TV Series, 2016)
Küçük Sırlar - Co-Director (TV Series, 2010)
Unutulmaz - Co-Director (TV Series, 2009 - 2010)
Küstüm Çiçeği - Co-Director (TV Series, 2010)
Yaşanmış Biriyim – Editing (Short Film, 2009)
Sihirli Annem – First AD (TV Series, 2003 - 2007)
Dudaktan Kalbe - First AD (TV Series, 2007)
İki Yabancı - First AD (TV Series, 2007)
Şöhret Okulu - First AD (TV Series, 2006)
Sevda Çiçeği - First AD (TV Series, 2006)
Maçolar - First AD (TV Series, 2006)
Keloğlan Kara Prens’e Karşı – Second Director Assistant (Film, 2006)
Karpuz Kabuğundan Gemiler Yapmak - Second Director Assistant (Film, 2004)


Kırmızı Oda (TV Series, 2021)
Sihirli Annem (TV Series, 2021)
Yani Hayat (TV Series, 2020)
Halka (TV Series, 2019)
Aslan Ailem (TV Series, 2018)
Bahtiyar Ölmez (TV Series, 2017 – 2018)
Adı Efsane (TV Series, 2017)
Mutlu Ol Yeter (TV Series, 2015)
Yıldız Masalı (TV Series, 2011)
Annem Uyurken (TV Series, 2012)
Hırçın Kız Kadife (Film, 2009)
Aşk Üçgeni (Film,2009)