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Barış Erdoğan

He graduated from Anadolu University Cinema and Television Department. He worked as a camera assistant in commercials and as an assistant director in TV series. With the ‘Rüya İşçileri’ scenario group, he wrote the stories and scripts of many television series such as ‘Gülbeyaz’ ‘Aşk Oyunu’, ‘Kurşun Yarası’, ‘Geniş Aile’, ‘Güzel Çirkin’. He took part in the script team of the TV series ‘Mutlu Ol Yeter’, ‘Güneşi Beklerken’, ‘Bir Zamanlar Osmanlı: Kıyam’. His short film ‘M is for Mobile’, which he wrote and directed, was included in the ‘ABC's of Death 2,5’ anthology of short horror films, which consists of 26 short films produced by Drafthouse Films, and It has been shown in many international festivals such as Mile High Horror, If Istanbul, Crypticon, Fright Night, Dragon Con, Leeds IFF. He wrote the scripts for ‘Bozkır’ which was broadcast on BluTv, and ‘Afili Aşk’ which was broadcast on Kanal D.


  • 49 (Tv Series, 2023)
  • Hür (Digital Series, 2023)
  • Maviye Sürgün (TV Series,2023)
  • Seversin (Tv Series, 2022)
  • Afilli Aşk (TV Series, 2019 – 2020)
  • Bozkır (Digital Series, 2018 – 2019)
  • M is for Mobile (Short Film, 2014)
  • Güneşi Beklerken (TV Series, 2015)
  • Mutlu Ol Yeter (TV Series, 2015)
  • Can Tertip (Film, 2015)
  • Bir Zamanlar Osmanlı: Kıyam (TV Series, 2012)
  • Güzel Çirkin (TV Series, 2013)
  • Geniş Aile (TV Series, 2009 – 2011 – 2015)
  • Aşk Oyunu (Film, 2005)
  • Kurşun Yarası (TV Series, 2003)
  • Gülbeyaz (TV Series, 2002)