Aslı Bayram

Aslı Bayram was born in Darmstadt, Germany in 1981. She completed high school at Max-Beckmann-Schule at Franfurt am Main. Then she started to study “Law” at Frankfurt Johan Wolfgang Goethe University in 2003. Also, she completed actors’ training with Eric Morris, in Los Angeles and Anne Mertin, in Vienna. In 2005, she was selected as Miss Deutschland. She has been representing Turkey internationally through many successful American, German and Austrian movie projects that she has taken part in.

Films and Series

Justice / Film (2019)
Septembers Of Shiraz (Film 2015) 
Unseen (Short Film, 2015)
Altınlı Kadın (Film 2015) 
One Chance (Film 2013) 
Wüstenärztin (TV Film 2011) 
Shanghai Gypsy (Film 2011) 
Body Complete (Film, 2011) 
Sırat ( TV Series, 2011) 
180° (Film, 2010) 
Sevdah za Karima (Film, 2010) - English: Blues for Karim (2010) 
Cut to Hollywood (Film, 2009) 
Jump (Film, 2006) 
Soko Donau (TV Series, 2007) 
Beyza'nın Kadınları (Film, 2006)